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Improving Nutrition One Bite at a Time

When we eat healthy, we feel better. But it’s not always easy to do. Healthy food can take longer to shop for and prepare. And when you’re on the run, it’s often easier to grab something quick that isn’t as healthy and nutritious.

But ultimately, if we put junk in, we get junk out.  

Tanner is working to increase nutrition education, bring healthier food options to local schools and to connect area farmers with restaurants and retail establishments so more people in west Georgia have access to fresh, healthy food.  

We’re also introducing programs about eating healthy across the region. We teach local kids to have fun while they cook and help them learn about nutrition and food budgeting skills. We have also launched community gardens across west Georgia with a diverse group of community partners.

We hope you’ll enjoy this information we’ve put together about healthy eating. Maybe you’ll even get inspired to begin your own nutrition revolution.

Start getting your healthy on today!

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