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About CPCU

Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton’s highly-skilled, professional staff of physicians and nurses in its cardiac progressive care unit (CPCU) treats patients who have experienced angina, heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiac diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization, pacemaker insertion and/or a heart attack.

The dedicated team of medical professionals has rigorously studied and trained to care for patients with a variety of intravenous cardiac medications, such as Cardizem, amiodarone, lidocaine, nitroglycerin, Natrecor, Dobutamine, dopamine, Integrilin and Primacor. Medical staff and hospital personnel also counsel and educate families regarding how the disease may be expected to progress over time, how it can be treated by a wide variety of medications and how to develop heart-healthy lifestyles.

About ICU

Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton’s 12-bed intensive care unit (ICU) opened in 2003 to treat patients with acute illnesses such as hemodynamic instability (irregular heart rhythms and unstable blood pressures) that require intensive monitoring and intervention by trained medical staff. Four of the ICU beds are designated for a cardiac care unit, or CCU, to oversee the immediate recovery of patients who have required interventional procedures and need intensive medical observation.

The hospital’s ICU also offers a family-centered environment with open visitation and provisions for family needs. The ICU offers private space for a family member to stay with their loved one at all hours. This room is adjacent to the patient room, and offers a small desk with Internet access for a laptop computer. There are also three semi-private family spaces where families can meet and friends or church members can gather without disturbing the patient.

A dedicated medical director and nurse practitioner are on site to assist in the provision of intensive clinical care. A nurses’ station located between each room provides nursing staff with central locations to do charting while windows at each station afford an unobstructed view of the rooms to allow nursing staff to keep an eye on each patient. And for patient and visitor security, security staff are available on the hospital premises 24 hours a day.

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