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Sleep Medicine

Along with recharging you for the next day, getting sufficient sleep is also critical in helping a woman's body regulate hormones and proteins essential to keeping you healthy.

Unfortunately for many women, good sleep is elusive. A variety of health problems can prevent you from getting enough sleep, even causing you to wake, unconsciously, hundreds of times a night.

To help counteract the negative consequences of insufficient sleep, the fully accredited Tanner Center for Sleep Disorders and its team of specially trained physicians can determine the cause of your sleepless nights and put you on the road to recovery.

Sleep Studies

A sleep study monitored by a polysomnographer and read by a qualified physician can determine if you have a sleep disorder, and if so, what course of treatment would work best to correct the problem.

The sleep studies available at the fully-accredited Tanner Center for Sleep Disorders in Carrollton and Villa Rica include:

  • Full-night diagnostic studies (nocturnal polysomnogram, or NPSG)
  • Split-night diagnostic and therapeutic studies (NPSG with continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP)
  • Daytime multiple sleep latency tests
  • Home sleep studies

Sleep Study Room Amenities

Each sleep room at the fully accredited Tanner Center for  Sleep Disorders in Carrollton and Villa Rica provides hotel-like amenities, including:

  • Queen-size, electric adjustable bed
  • Cable television
  • Beverages
  • Private bathroom

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